Aging… Disgracefully?


Age gracefully? Hell no.

“Gracefully,” says Margaret Manning, founder of the online women’s community and blog 60 and Me, means quietly and politely. It means going gently into that good night, being a good girl, dealing with it – serenely. “It tells us how we should behave to be accepted by society,” Manning writes in a piece on the Huffington Post.

Manning wants to dump “gracefully” and substitute it with a word that reflects, she writes, “the dynamism, complexity, energy, and intelligence” of older women today. So she put the question to her community: Which one word would you use to describe how you are aging – or want to age?

The result: 60 words that evoke anything but timidity. (Nobody chose “gracefully.”) We picked our favorite 10 and added our own – “fiercely” – to make a list that goes a long way to describe what we mean when we say “aging with attitude.” We’re putting these 10 to a vote – let us know which is your favorite! If you’ve got a better idea for a word, add it in the comments below.

Now click to see all “60 Better Alternatives to Aging Gracefully.”

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11 responses to “Aging… Disgracefully?

  1. I say, ” Age Artfully”! Find something that makes you eager to spring out of bed in the morning. It may take time to find out what that is, but be creative…with your mind, your hands, your whole self. When you get there, it will make a rainy day sunny.

  2. One term does not fit all. We age. Aging beats the alternative.

    How we live is more important than how we label our life. Never let a label define your life. Life is too short to include angst over labels.

    Do we ‘get old’ or do we age? Who cares as long as we are alive and enjoying our day.

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