Our Purpose

older adults taking courses from Senior Planet

Aging with Attitude … and Tech

Senior Planet from AARP harnesses technology to enhance the way we age. Our courses, programs, and activities help seniors learn new skills, save money, exercise to get in shape, and make new friends.

A Learning Community for Older Adults

Senior Planet is about much more than just the latest gadgets and apps and websites. We are a service organization specializing in the needs of older adults. Our courses and events are designed by experts in the needs of seniors. Our organization’s purpose is to enable older adults and people of all ages to come together and find ways to learn, work, create, exercise and thrive in today’s digital age.

Making Technology Accessible…and Fun!

Wherever you are in the world, you can subscribe to our newsletters and participate online. If you’re near one of our physical locations, even better! We’re active on the ground in six U.S. locations (with more coming soon):

In these locations, we offer multi-week technology courses, most of them free, that help seniors learn computer basics and develop life-enhancing computer skills: digital photography, social media, online job searches, even how to make a website.

Connecting Older Adults to Tech, and Each Other

Our Senior Planet centers are vibrant social environments filled with friendly, curious older adults and lots of the latest tech gadgets. In addition to our multi-week courses, we gather often for senior-relevant tech-related lectures, workshops, and social events. More than anything, we have a lot of fun.

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Reaching and Connecting Seniors Nationwide

Senior Planet is a program created and sponsored by national nonprofit Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) from AARP. After a series of successful collaborations, OATS formally joined the AARP family as a charitable affiliate in 2021. The affiliation allows OATS to pursue its mission at scale, helping seniors harness the power of technology no matter their socioeconomic circumstances, geography, educational background or age.

For more about Senior Planet, watch the videos below.