About Our Courses

Our courses do more than just teach new tech skills.

Every Senior Planet course is intentionally designed to produce positive change in one or more of our five impact areas: social engagement, financial security, health and wellness, civic participation, and creativity. We believe that technology is a powerful tool for creating transformation, and our courses help older adults find new ways to live and thrive in today’s digital society. The best part? Joining us is easy!

The Details

  • Anyone 60 years and older can take a Senior Planet course. You do not need to be a Supporter to participate, however, we do encourage our participants to join our Supporter program to gain access to additional opportunities and benefits! Click here for more information about becoming a member of Senior Planet.

  • Registration dates and procedures vary from site to site. Please contact the site where you would like to take a course directly in order to enroll.

  • If a course is full, you may join the waitlist. Participants will be contacted if a space becomes available.

Our Courses

To give you a sense of what and how we teach, here are links to course descriptions for most of our English-language offerings. Click on the course name to learn more about that course. We also offer courses in Spanish, Chinese, and other languages.

Not all courses are taught at all Senior Planet centers; check current course listings in your area to see what’s on offer. Make sure you sign up for our newsletters so you always know what’s coming up!


10-week course. Go from complaining about today’s world to changing it.

Beyond the Basics

10-week course. Take your digital game to the next level.

Chrome Basics

10-week course. Love Google? Master the internet in ten weeks.

Chrome Essentials

5-week course. Need the internet? Learn the essentials in five weeks.

Computer Basics for Older Adults

10-week course. Your gateway to the digital world.

Computer Essentials

5-week course. Your express ticket to the digital world.

Connecting in the Digital Age

10-week course. Feeling disconnected? Get social online in ten weeks.

Creating Your Own Website

10-week course. Have your own website in 10 weeks.

Digital Storytelling

5-week course. Create an online time capsule in five weeks.

Etsy for Entrepreneurs

5-week course. Sell your goods online like a pro.

Fitness Essentials

5-week course. Get healthy. Use tech.

Fitness in the Digital Age

10-week course. Get moving with popular health apps.

Introduction to Digital Culture

5-week course. You can’t escape the digital age, so why not join it? This course is taught on iPads, Chromebooks, or PCs, depending on the specific offering.

iPad Basics

10-week course. Discover iPad: Your ticket to the digital world.

iPad Essentials

5-week course. Become an iPad whiz in five weeks.

Money Matters

10-week course. The course that saves you money.

Ready, Set, Bank

5-week course. Tired of lines at the bank? Learn online banking.

Smartphone Photography

5-week course. From still life to selfies, master your phone’s state-of-the-art camera.

Social Media

5-week course. Join the conversation.


10-week course. Who says you’re too old to start something new?

Work Out!

5-week course. Up your tech game and get pumped with us at the gym.


10-week course. Looking for work? Find out what works in the digital age.