A New How-to Resource for Older Tech Newbies

You don’t have to be a Baby Boomer to use – and get help from – TechBoomers, a new site that’s designed to guide novice computer users through navigating and signing up for a number of popular websites.

If you’re interested in exploring the Internet, using services like YouTube and, shopping online, booking travel from your computer, accessing deals and more, then you might want to check out this site, which was dreamed up and developed by a young techie who started to understand the challenges fced by digital novices when he helped his grandparents learn computer skills.

TechBoomers has a number of plusses, among them:

  • Instead of assuming that because you’re 60-plus you only want to read, it introduces you to the inner workings of sites with predominantly younger audiences like Buzzfeed and Funny or Die
  • Along with basic how-to info, TechBoomers also tells you about each site and offers pros and cons
  • Tutorials are fairly straightforward, with the added benefit of help text that you can access by clicking on one of the little yellow dots
  • And, high on our list, TechBoomers has picked as one of its senior-specific sites. Check out the tutorial; you might find a feature you never knew about!


The site is brand new and still ironing out some kinks, as well as learning from people who’ve accessed its tutorials. If you have feedback, share it in the comments section below.

Click here to visit TechBoomers.


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