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Friday, February 14

Aging With Geekitude: Addicted to Audiobooks

…know I can download free books from the library, I’ve subscribed to since 2009. Audible has cornered the audiobook market for good reason: The company has reasonable prices, all…

Friday, May 30

On the Road: Apps, Sites, Gadgets & Tips

…daily deals. (Check out my column about the wonders of Here are my road trip tips – highish and lower tech. Essential Road Gadgets GPS I would still be…

Monday, June 8

Oops! They got the memory deficit theory wrong – and more from the week online

…already become a frequently used verb. Last week, the company announced that the latest app update will be accessible to drivers and riders who are hard of hearing; the company…

Tuesday, June 9

Makeup for Older Women: The Best Video Tutorials

…how to combat sweating, camouflage facial hair and cover age spots. Tricia Cusden’s “Look Fabulous Forever” Founder and M.D. of Look Fabulous Forever (LFF) Tricia Cusden began her company in…

Friday, March 28

How to find the answer to practically anything on the Internet

…a raw potato in the soup. Do you want to know how or originated or where Boolean comes from – or when so-and-so was born and what…

Wednesday, June 3

Video of the Week: Diane Nyad on Her Epic Swim

(Video link for mobile) “When I turned 60 the dream was still alive from having tried this in my 20s… It was deep, it was deep in my soul,…

Monday, March 11

Your online resume needs a “makeunder”

…pet sitting [] [] If you’re more interested in contract or traditional roles, look to the robust job search sites, such as: Indeed [] LinkedIn Jobs [] Retirement Jobs []…

Thursday, March 16

How to Get Better Interest Rates Online

…of information that may prove intimidating. Click here to visit Invest Your Time: uses Bankrate to create a national average of interest rates, but its real strength…

Thursday, March 10

How to Start Your Own Local Group With Meetup

…I wrote about how I got an instant social life through while I was snowbirding in Florida. Then I moved to Florida — in the summer, when the snowbirds…

Monday, April 17

8 Options for Affordable Hearing Aids

…Visit BuyHear Cost $1000 to $3500 per pair What you get This online-only company sells all major manufacturers’ hearing aids at 50 percent off a typical audiologist’s price. At…

Tuesday, December 18

14 Last Minute Gifts for Your Whole Crew

…who need help downloading. There’s a huge choice of titles; actors – and sometimes the authors themselves – read aloud. Storytime for grown-ups. Click here to see this on

Sunday, November 8

Portraits of old hands tell stories + more from the week online

…our homes? Jump down to the comments section at the bottom of this page and share your thoughts. Read more at The benefits of age What are the benefits…

Friday, January 23

How I Created an Instant Social Life Using Meetup

…had an ace in the hole: What is Headquartered in New York City, Meetup is all about building offline community in a digital world. The site launched after…

Sunday, March 29

Great-Grandparent Photos Flood the Internet – and more from the week online

…tech startups are trying to cash in, read more at and let us know in the comments section – what do you think of this elder-tech revolution? Help pick…

Thursday, January 3

Can You Trust Dr. Oz? And What’s the Deal With

…says, “Pharmaceutical companies pay RealAge to compile test results of RealAge members and send them marketing messages by e-mail.” So, how can you separate real, evidence-based medicine from potentially ill-founded…