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96-Year-Old Fitness Instructor Liesel Leads a Workout

Liesel Weisier has been teaching fitness for 72 years. She started with young kids; now she teaches grandmothers.

In this video, you can follow along with Liesel’s chair exercises and learn more about her history.

What Liesel doesn’t mention is that she is the grandma of well known actor-comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (a.k.a. “Borat”).


One response to “96-Year-Old Fitness Instructor Liesel Leads a Workout

  1. Thank you, Margaret. These stories are inspirational. I wanted to ask, do you know Tao Porschon-Lynch. She reached 96 this year and is still teaching. I didn’t want to do yoga out of pure stuborness – seems that everybody does yoga, because of that there is no way, i’ll do it. But I had to watch a video about Tao, actually I watched several of them, I watched all I could find on You Tube, and she convinced me :)
    Especially I like her 96 years birthday party video She is amazing.

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