5 Reasons to Ditch the Dye Job


Look around:  The era of the blue rinse and dull gray do is over. These days, salt-and-pepper, or even 100 percent silvery salt, is chic. We’ve seen a wealth of celebrities letting their natural grays grow,  a culture that no longer pressures folks to soak up a chemical stew in the name of “youthful aging” and a host of new products aimed at helping gray hair shimmer.

Here are 5 reasons to go with the gray

  • A whole new slew of products make gray gorgeous. Products for gray-haired guys and gals have dramatically improved. To avoid any brassiness, celebrity colorist and salon owner James Corbett advises that you wash your hair with Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo: “No worries about looking like those blue-haired ladies from years ago!” he insists. “The latest toning shampoos and treatments are fantastic.”
  • You’ll save more money than you think. The average salon charges $75 for a single-process color treatment, and to stay on top of those ever-surfacing roots you need a monthly treatment. Eliminate this monthly cost for just one year and you can fly to Paris roundtrip. Plus, you free up time. Break up with your colorist and you gain almost a whole extra weekend a year.  
  • Your hair will be healthier. Eliminating the harsh chemicals and bleaches used in hair dye will dramatically improve the quality and texture of your hair. According to Corbett, “Hair becomes a bit more coarse and dry as it turns gray, and chemically treating it can dry it out even more.” If you find that your silver strands lack luster sans dye job, Corbett suggests using a hot oil treatment every other week.
  • You could look like a celeb – or at least, on-trend. Jamie Lee Curtis, Anderson Cooper, Joan Baez, and Diane Keaton all look pretty darn sharp – and, lord knows, silver-haired women like Helen Mirren definitely don’t lack in sex appeal with their au natural gray tresses.
  • Gray is green. Most hair coloring formulas contain harsh chemicals like peroxide and ammonia, which go right down the drain to pollute our water, beating up our already weak ozone and potentially harming wildlife. Even the organic and eco-friendly brands create waste. Eliminate this step from your beauty regime and you’re doing something to help the planet.

What’s your opinion? Tell us why you dye – or why you don’t.


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