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Help for Holocaust survivors

The recent completion of the “Our Voices” program pilot at Senior Planet (read about it here) doesn’t mean the end of services for Holocaust survivors.

One of the program partners, Selfhelp Community Services, has a Holocaust Survivor Program with locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County. (It operates the oldest and largest program serving Holocaust survivors in North America, providing comprehensive services to over 4,500 elderly and frail individuals.)

If you or someone you know is a Holocaust survivor, you or s/he may qualify for Holocaust survivor benefits and services from Selfhelp Community Services including:

-subsidized home care/housekeeping
-emergency cash assistance
-home visits from a social worker
-assistance with reparations and restitution
-social events and programming specifically for Holocaust survivors

Selfhelp’s Holocaust Survivor Program has locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County. If you would like to speak with one of their trained social workers, contact them at (212) 971-7795 or email


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