Tech Support Takedown!


Last year, the FTC got nearly 143,000 reports about tech support scams. It’s  been warning people about this type of scam for years. But one piece of information in the FTC’s newest Consumer Protection Data Spotlight was an eye-opener.

People 60 and over were about five times more likely than younger people to report they lost money on this scam, even though they were less likely than younger people to say they lost money to many other types of scams.

The FTC has brought many cases against tech support scammers, including a case just announced against Elite IT.

With our law enforcement partners at the Department of Justice, other federal and state offices, and international colleagues, we’re fighting to protect older adults. And this is all part of the largest-ever nationwide elder fraud sweep focusing on tech support fraud.

Visit to see, hear, and read how to help the people you care about spot and avoid these scams – and get tips on what to do if you were scammed.  Want a quick, shareable (and printable) snapshot on how to spot tech support scams? Check out this tech support scam infographic.

Need more incentive? Here’s a compelling first-person account of how Mr. Donald Holmes of Arizona faced a tech support scam, and what he did about it.


Spotted a tech support scam? Report it at And after you report it, use this handy information.  Don’t forget to  talk to your family and friends about what happened so they can avoid it too.

Author:  Cristina Miranda, Division of Consumer and Business Education, Federal Trade Commission.


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  1. This happened to me recently. Got the pop up and they said it was Apple. I got my money refunded. It was while I was in Walmart buying Apple cards ($800) that I woke up. Walmart told me you’re being scammed. It was like I was hypnotized-I woke up. Took iMac in and had it scrubbed and got anti-virus software on it.

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