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Resolve to be healthier in 2018

Looking for a Healthy New You for the New Year? Here’s a grab bag of tips and advice from our archives.

Get healthier with meditation

This might be the year you learn this ancient and remarkable practice to improve your physical and mental health. You’ll find a complete guide in the Senior Planet Toolbox on how it works, how to pick the right meditation practice, and how to use the internet to learn more.

Volunteer – it’s good for you, too


If ‘volunteering” has been on your New Years’ resolution list year after year, it’s time to take the plunge. Before you start, though, learn more about volunteering styles and activities that are most beneficial to you, too. Don’t know where to start or where to look? Learn all that, and more, by reading this evergreen primer from our archives.

Exercise your brain


If you are concerned about your brain health, you’re not alone.  The National Institute of Health’s national campaign, “What is Brain Health” since 2015 has raised awareness about brain health for all Americans, especially older adults. The comprehensive website has a trove of information here.  For a quick primer on brain plasticity and online brain training, check out our archived   overview here.

Eat right the easy way

Start the year right by eating right (after the New Year’s Party, of course). Where to start? There’s a world of fast, easy, healthy meals at your fingertips thanks to our overview of online resources.  Bon appetit and Happy New Year!



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