10 Spectacular #SuperBloom Photos


You’ve probably seen some spectacular photos of Southern California’s desert super-bloom, the result of the rains that last month ended the state’s prolonged drought. According to the the National Parks Service, attendance has been high since the usually parched earth started sprouting this rare spring carpet of cacti and desert flowers—high enough to put a strain on cell service, according to the National Parks Service. So we wondered, what is there to see on the world’s most populated photo-based social media platform, Instagram? We logged in to Instagram via laptop, typed #superbloom2017 into the search bar and…

a treasure trove of glorious images filled our screen.

The photos were taken by visitors to parks across the region, from Joshua Tree National Park…

to Anza Borrego National Park. They show the full spectrum of species that has burst open across the desert—spectacular blooming cacti,

a desert tulip.

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The variety of wildflowers is miraculous: desert sunflowers, woolly Indian paintbrush, dune verbena, Parish poppy, linanthus jonesii, notch leaf phacelia…. (Check out the Anza Borrego Wildflowers Guide Facebook page for more.)

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According to The Weather Network, Park Service officials say that the display is likely to be on a rolling schedule this year, with different regions coming into bloom as the spring progresses. If you’re up for a trip, now’s the time to visit Anza Borrego National Park, two hours east of San Diego. And to stay tuned to #superbloom progress, visit Desert USA’s Wildflower Reports for CA and other desert states.

Don’t forget your camera/smartphone: We’re all photographers, now!’

Top photo: @seduceanddestroymag/Instagram


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