Video of the Week: How to Age Gracefully



When Canada’s CBC decided last year to end its long running radio show “WireTap,” the show decided to say see ya with a video. The message:” We never stop growing and learning.

“How to Age Gracefully” features a stream of “Wiretap” listeners and their kids offering their personal, pithy life tips to people just a little younger than they are.

First up, a seven-year-old with some adventurous advice for six-year-olds: “Training wheels are for babies. Just let go, already.”

She’s followed by girls and boys, women and men of increasingly advanced years giving their guidance, some of it nitty gritty (“Back up your hard drive. Now!”), some of it more philosophical (“Cultivate younger friends. Otherwise, yours will all die off. Signed, a 91-year-old.”)

Until finally a 93-year-old has this to say:

“Dear 91-year-old, don’t listen to other people’s advice. No-one knows what the hell they’re doing. Just do your own thing. That’s the way I see it.”

Wise, but maybe not as wise as this tip from an eight-year-old:

“No matter what anyone says, stay weird.”

Age gracefully? Maybe not so!

What’s your piece of advice for someone just a little bit younger?



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