Video of the Week: Andrew Weil on the Okinawans’ Longevity

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An island off the coast of Japan, Okinawa has the world’s largest concentration of centenarians, many of whom remain active members of their communities. Is it something in the water? Their diet?

“They have an amazing diet,” Andrew Weil says. “It’s the ultimate rainbow diet, an incredible variety of fruits and vegetables, fish, seaweed. They’re physically active – I saw a 101-year-old woman who was hoeing the field in front of her house… However I have to say that as an American going to Okinawa, the thing that most struck me was the different cultural value placed on aging there.”

Hear more in this video about the life and attitudes of elders in Okinawa and how, Dr. Weil believes, this culture’s approach to aging contributes to its people’s longevity.


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