The Genius of Marian

Update: The full-length video is no longer available for viewing; we’ve replaced it with the trailer. You can also watch a Q&A with the filmmakers here, and see below for info on local screenings and DVD sales.

This extraordinarily moving account of one family’s journey with early onset Alzheimer’s will be viewable through Wednesday, October 8.

A PBS POV full-length documentary by independent filmmakers Banker White and Anna Fitch, it tells the story of Banker’s mother Pam White, who at age 61 was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Pam followed in the footsteps of her painter mother,Marian Williams Steele, whose story Pam was writing when she received her diagnosis.

Weaving archival family footage with the day-to-day, “The Genius of Marian” is as much an exploration of how memory activates and is activated by family connections as it is an intensely personal document of a remarkable family’s resilience and devotion.

From October 9, DVDs of the film can be pre-ordered through The Genius of Marian website or click here for a schedule of community screenings.


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