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A Year In Love on Senior Planet

We’ve published several pieces on love and dating as you age over the past year or so – but we have our favorites. Here for Valentine’s Day are the Q&As, brief reports, opinion pieces and others we don’t want you to miss.


File under heartwarming 


A young Starbucks customer snapped a picture of an older couple and posted it to Facebook with the couple’s story – one of loving dedication in the face of adversity – and the message “Thank you for your beautiful example, Linda and John <3”. Read the story and you’ll see why it went viral>


She’s proud of her gray hair – but does it make it harder to find a date?



“I’ve chosen to embrace my long graying hair. I’m happy with how it looks and when I look in the mirror, I see a confident woman who’s not afraid to show her age. But what do men see when they find my online dating photo? Should I follow my mother’s advice of 30 years ago to wear more makeup so men will want me? Maybe if I dyed my hair, I’d have more success finding Mr. Right?” Read how “the diva of dating” Walker Thornton resolved her dilemma>


Senior pride: 7 reasons to love the rainbow



For senior gay couples who tied the knot after waiting for decades, 2013 was a very special year. The right to legally marry makes their futures more secure financially and gives an important measure of equality in areas that younger gay couples don’t consider – including the right to room together in assisted living facilities. In honor of Pride Month, we  gathered the stories of seven gay couples who were among the very first to wed in their states. Read their stories >


The chemistry of love – does it change as we age? 



We asked scientific advisor Helen Fisher. A biological anthropologist who also serves as chief scientific advisor for, Fisher has delved deep inside our brains. We talked to her about the chemistry of love>


Danny and Annie, a love story

“Being married is like having a color television set – you never want to go back to black and white.” A Brooklyn couple who’d been married 30 -odd years stopped by a StoryCorp booth and told the tale of their love. Watch the whole thing – you won’t regret it>


Talking out loud about senior sex with Joan Price



“A younger journalist once went “ick” when I talked to him about senior sex and I just said,  ‘At what age doyou plan to retire your genitals?’ If everyone could take a stand in the face of this attitude about older people and say, Accept me as a full human being, and that means I’m sexual, maybe we could change it.” Read our Q&A with Joan Price>


“For Farmers Only” dating – except it’s not only



A dating site that was built for farmers looking for love has become a best kept secret among older women in the cities who are open to country life with a good man. And unlike most dating sites, this one doesn’t use a complicated algorithm to make matches. “If you have a huge thick file of data on someone, you miss out on the joy of surprise. You have to be compatible on key issues. The rest is an adventure.” Read more>


11 ways to gather the courage and write your online dating profile


kissing-pic-close-up (1)

Checking out profiles on dating sites is great for your fantasy life, but if you really want a date, you’ll have to stop looking and write a profile. Scary? Of course. You might know yourself by now in a way you didn’t when you were 30-something — how can you distill the decades into a neat paragraph? And how will you protect yourself? Read these tips>


A granny with attitude trash-talks about dating at 75



” Would I go to bed on second date? No way. At this age you have to know each other well enough to communicate. If they’re only thinking about jumping into bed because they’ve taken me out to dinner, forget it. I don’t look forward to dealing with an old, messy, farty situation. I’ve had very nice relationships in the bedroom in my life. I’m not about to ruin that with a wobbly sack of bones.” Read what else Granny Gail said in a funny and forthright Q&A>


Happy Valentine’s Day!




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