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It’s Linky Sunday – put on the coffee and prepare your cursor :)
We’ve gathered up some of the week’s best stories from around the web.

Tracing Mandela’s fight against injustice The site Distractify has traced the big news headlines in Nelson Mandela’s life back to 1960, through a series of front-page images that remind us how much change he was responsible for and how much he risked life and liberty. Click here to see them all.



Marriage advice from a 98-year-old How useful is the advice of a woman who’s had three husbands and one longterm lover? Very useful, it turns out. Esquire published an excerpt from the new book “You Can Be Right (or You Can be Married)” in which 98-year-old Pauline gives, among other advice, the following: “First of all, you have to be sexually compatible. That’s very important. If anyone tells you different, they’re nuts.” Click here to read the whole fabulous excerpt and find out why Pauline divorced her first husband, even after he had an operation to enlarge his “ding-dong”!

Why Can’t All Ads Be Like This? Vodafone India launched a new ad campaign – and among the youth-focused videos is one that beautifully (if self-servingly) redefines the word “young.” Aging with attitude? We think so. Watch below or by clicking here and let us know your thoughts.


carol-fennellyA life with Purpose This week, is handing out its Purposes Prizes, and Marketwatch touched base with first-prize winner Carol Fennelly, 64, who came out of semi-retirement to create a slew of programs connecting children with their incarcerated parents. “I had decided that a quiet life was for me. I was kind of tired…. I had a house at the beach. Life was good. All of a sudden, this whole issue just grabbed me. I sold my beach house and used the money to fund Hope House.” Read the Q&A with Fennelly by clicking through to Marketwatch.

Recall, recall… Massive recalls make news headlines (think hip replacements), but smaller ones can get buried. The American Recall Center, a new website that aims to keep consumers informed about medications and medical devices, will alert you to new drug and device recalls. The site also has easy-access information about past recalls, as well as warning signs of trouble with a  range of devices. Click here for alerts, here for warning signs and here for more info.

Voicebox exercises, anyone? Have you noticed your voice growing weaker? Almost one in three people over 65 notices a distinctive change in how the voice carries, and a team of medical scientists in Kentucky is trying to find out why and what could prevent it – especially for people who use their voice professionally, but also for those who just want to be heard in the hubbub. Among the possible remedies: Exercising the voice box. Stay tuned! Click here to read more.

Libraries rock This Summer, the New York Public Library installed photobooths at its Mid-Manhattan branch and the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building and invited visitors to take their pictures and share how they use the library. Posted to NYPL’s photostream on the photosharing site Flickr, the photos offer a wonderful view of the many reasons why libraries still rock for people of all ages – even in the era of ebooks.  Check out the photostream by clicking here

nypl-1nypl3 nypl2nypl4

Retirement is old school Financial services firm Deloitte released the results of a major survey that shows almost 50 percent of Baby Boomers plan to work past retirement age – but not necessarily full time. The reasons: lower wealth than expected, better health than expected and a greater recognition among employers that older workers have valuable experience to offer. Deloitte’s report finishes with a list of recommendations for employers, among them, offer flexible, customized options to post-retirement-agers. Click here to read more and explore these options.

Best sites for one-stop online shopping The tech-for-women blog Techlicious published a list of the top five one-stop shopping sites, including the best sites for gift buying, fashion, window shopping, using a personal shopper, and finding everything you need. Worth a read! Click here to visit Techlicious.

Your Sunday LOL

We couldn’t resist: This week’s LOL is from one of the most viral blogs on Tumblr. Created in France (no surprise), it features sexy men and cute kittens in corresponding poses. And it’s hilarious. Click here to see the whole stream on Tumblr.






Happy clicking, and enjoy your Sunday!


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