WATCH: Aging in Place, 5 Miles From the Nearest Road



“You’ve got to have some place you can get away from this turmoil. It’s not that I don’t like people – I do, but I don’t like swarms of them…. It’s the kind of life I like, and that’s why I’m here.”

Have you ever been in a place that felt so right, you thought, “This is where I want to grow old.” Jack English felt that way about a particular piece of the California wilderness, five miles from the nearest road, and when his wife died, that’s where he went to build his cabin by hand, with wood he chopped himself.

But Jack hasn’t retired. At 93, he still earns his living making exquisite violin bows. He also still chops his own wood, fetches his own water from the nearby creek – and hopes to do so right there in the wild until the day he dies.

Technology? Not really: Jack prefers for things to stay the same.

It works for him. He’s found his own way – and his own place – to age with attitude.

Have you found your dream place? 


One response to “WATCH: Aging in Place, 5 Miles From the Nearest Road

  1. Oh how wonderful! Here’s a man who had a dream and went right on and fulfilled it to his last days!!! I admire and respect him so much!

    Five miles from nearest road and he doesn’t want tech…how does he go to the town to get what he needs? Or perhaps he manufactures EVERYTHING himself?

    I take my hat to him! :o)

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