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WATCH: Yoko Ono “I’m a Bad Dancer”



A few months ago, Yoko Ono  – then 79 – made a big splash with a wildly playful men’s clothing line she designed (click here to see it). Now, the Internet’s raving about her latest music video – a simple, funny ode to having fun and expressing yourself by busting a move, even if you look a little weird doing it.

Ono, who recently turned 80, invited some of her famous friends over to Brooklyn to join her – including her neighbor Roberta Flack, 76, and This American Life’s Ira Glass.

“I’m a bad dancer with no regrets…”  – a great mantra for anyone who wants to get some joy despite being a little stiff in the joints.

The song is the first single from a new album by the Plastic Ono Band.

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