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We’ve gathered up some of the week’s best stories from around the web.

“All About Aging” photo contest The British nonprofit Age Action Alliance is running a contest as a way of generating positive images of older people to counter the “frail and vulnerable” image that’s so prevalent in the media. Seniors are encouraged to enter, and digital inclusion is a preferred topic!  Prizes include photo equipment and media exposure, and all submissions will be featured on the AAA website. Click here to read about the contest categories and find out how to enter (we checked – U.S. submissions are welcome). Good luck!

Smile! Too bad that Medicare doesn’t provide dental benefits. But what about the new health marketplaces? Turns out, in some states a Medicare recipient can apply for dental benefits through the new Affordable Health Care website. In last week’s NY Times, Susan Jaffe took a look at the pros, cons, ins and outs of the new dental plans . Click to read Jaffe’s conclusions on the Times’s New Old Age Blog.

The medicalization of Alzheimer’s In a must-read blog post at Changing Aging, neurologist Peter J. Whitehouse challenges the prevailing notion that people with Alzheimer’s are “socially dead,” no longer “themselves” and just a burden, and argues that this definition has been created by the pharmaceutical industry in an attempt to medicalize the condition. “’Medicalization,'” he writes, “limits our imagination about how memory loss in older people can be addressed in families and communities.” Read his powerful post by clicking here.

Checked your password strength lately? Password management software company Roboform has created a “password security test” – just type in your password and it will tell you how long it would take to hack. Of course, the company hopes you’ll sign up for an account when you realize “123456” can be hacked in seconds; but instead, if the site determines that password is weak, you can read our tech tips on how to create a secure one. Click here to test your password and here for our tech tip.

Social media primer Are Twitter, Instagram and Vine enlightened new forms of communication or just a bunch of vapid posturing? Star Trek superstar turned social media guru George Takei took on the topic of social media in last week’s episode of his YouTube series Takei’s Take.  Here’s what he had to say. (Click here for other videos in the series.)


Talk to your kids… What kids? Maybe this happens to you: You ‘re reading advice on money management in later life and the writer says, “talk to your kids about…” – but what if you don’t have any or don’t care to discuss your finances with them? PBS NewsHour’s “Making Sen$e” expert offered some non child-centric retirement planning advice last week. Click here to read it.

Poorly protected  Assisted living has grown from a grassroots alternative into a multibillion dollar industry governed by the bottom line – and by wildly uneven state-based regulations. ProPublica and Frontline investigated and published their findings last week. Click here to read the in-depth story about assisted living and here to access a state-by-state map and chart of regulations governing the industry.

Which state matches your personality? What would be the perfect place for you to live during your later life? Check out the new mood map created by a multinational team of researchers, who determined that each state has its own personality and temperament and created a personality test that can tell you where in the U.S. you really belong. Ready? Click here to read the story and take the simplified test by clicking on the blue “take the test” button; or take the more detailed test by clicking here. Then tell us your resullts in the comments below. (We’re crossing our fingers for you!)



Older workers are more satisfied That’s according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research study, which found that six out 10 workers over 50 said colleagues ask them for advice more often, and almost 50 percent said they feel they’re getting more respect. Click to read more at the Washington Post.

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