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We’ve gathered up some of the week’s best stories from around the web.

Win-win retirements. The idea of a phased retirement has been around since the 70s, but in the US at least, it’s been slow to catch on. That might be changing, AP News reported last week. Companies are now more likely to let workers cut hours pre-retirement and stay on part-time post-retirement, sometimes with benefits. It’s a way for seniors to transition out of jobs and employers to retain the value of years of experience and corporate memory.  Click to read more.

How not to become invisible as you age: Wear matching outfits. Donald and Nancy Featherstone (above), of Fitchburg, Mass, have been celebrating their love by dressing like twins for the past 35 years; recently, UK and US news outlets have been picking up on their story and sharing it, along with photos from the couple’s matchy-matchy past. An extra tidbit: Donald, 77, was the designer of the now iconic pink flamingo. To read Nancy’s account of their story in the Guardian, click here, and click here to see more photos.

Fun ways to make money. US News & World Report went all “work-lite” with a roundup of seven ways to earn a little money that you might never have thought of. Mystery shopper, anyone? Click here to see all seven.

Time for a change? AARP launched a brand new online experience, Life Reimagined – an interactive site that’s cleverly designed to walk us through the emotional and practical challenges we face when it’s time for change in our lives. Try it by clicking here.

Lifetime study, lifelong learning… whatever it’s called by the institution that’s offering it, going back to school is a growing trend among retirees, according to a report by Kiplinger. Some are moving to university towns in order to immerse themselves in studies; others are dipping their toes into non-credit courses; still others are teaching what they know to other retirees. Read more by clicking here.

Another way to curb dementia. This time, vitamin B is your savior. In newly released preliminary findings from a small Oxford University research study, high doses of a vitamin cocktail halted cognitive decline among a group of seniors who were showing early signs of dementia. The cost of the meds: 30 cents per day. More research is needed. Click here to read the report.

The fastest-aging states are… The top 10 includes Alaska (where the 65-plus population grew 58.1 percent between 2000 and 2011) and Nevada (which saw a 53% seniors growth in the past decade). Click here to read about the other eight.

Cycling Famed sartorial cyclist/street-style pundit Bill Cunningham celebrated the start of bike sharing in NYC with a special (and especially upbeat) spoke-centric video. Watch!

Have you tried or do you plan to try bike share? Let us know in the comments box below; maybe you’d like to review it for Senior Planet!

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