Linky Sunday: Cinnamon & Alzheimer’s, Work Abroad, Travel Scholarships


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We’ve gathered up some of the week’s best stories from around the web.


Could cinnamon fight Alzheimer’s? Scientists at UC Santa Barbara have had preliminary success using a compound in cinnamon to prevent the development of the filamentous “tangles” found in the brain cells that characterize Alzheimer’s. More work needs to be done before they’ll know whether the compound, cinnamaldehyde, can actually fight the disease in humans, but it’s an important first step. Read more by clicking here.

Work abroad. Ever thought about moving to, say, Mexico or Panama for your second act? The New York Times reports on the growing trend and talks to some seniors who are trying it. Click here to get inspired.

From Morse code to Twitter. A moving opinion piece by a 93-year-old calls for government action to make Internet connections affordable for all. Harry Leslie Smith writes eloquently about what being online has meant for him – including a chance to “still be part of the conversation with a much younger generation” – and the painful fact that “it is hard to expect a senior citizen to be on Facebook if they can’t afford to heat their home or eat a proper diet.” Click here to read more.

Apply for an educational-travel scholarship. Road Scholar has announced a new round of scholarships. The nonprofit offers 300 lifelong learning scholarships each year to low-income US residents age 50 and up who want to take advantage of Elderhostel’s educational adventures. Click here to learn more.

Retiring on o.25% a year. Reuters columnist Linda Stern, and Tom Lauricella in the Wall Street Journal, both reported on the impact that bottomed-out interest rates are having on retirement funds and offered some pointers on how to manage when your nest egg isn’t yielding. Click here to read the Reuters column and here to read the WSJ take.

Grade “C” in retirement. Inspired by a report that gave the US a low grade for our retirement system, the New York Times business section looked at other countries’ systems, including several that “avoid the biggest pitfalls of America’s.” Read about the KiwiSaver Plan and those of Denmark and Chile, among others, by clicking here.

Two days left to vote in the “Unleash the Power of Age” challenge. Through May 28, you can browse the stories of 14 contenders – all seniors who’ve been nominated by their communities – and vote for the person you think has had the biggest impact and done the most to demonstrate the power of age. Click here!

Elders caring for elders. In their search for affordable models, Beijing’s leaders are looking at a village where old people care for those a little older than themselves. The government plans to expand the “mutual assist eldercare” model through rural China, subsidizing the salaries of senior carers at a rate far below what professionals charge. Could the model translate? Click here to read more.

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