Tweet a Poem for NYC

Plenty of literary types have made the point that Twitter, which limits communications to 140 characters (with spaces!), is the perfect vehicle for poets. After all, some of the best poetry is pared down to its bare bones.

So it makes sense that for National Poetry Month, the New York City mayor’s office is calling on New Yorkers to submit “poetweets” to the fourth annual #NYCPoetweet Twitter poetry contest, which runs through April 8.

What does a poetweet look like? Here are some winners from years past. The @in the first line is the poet’s Twitter handle (ie: name) and the #s at the end are the hashtags that the poet has attributed to the poem; hashtags create a kind of virtual filing system.

New York’s sakura-strewn streets/rivers of pink sing/beauty in the fragility of life/bonds with our sister-city Tokyo/Arigato. #nycpoetweet

City of dreamers/ Keep moving to realize/ No slumber needed/ #NYCpoetweet

I put a poem into my pocket and left behind my wallet. Verily replied the token clerk when I asked would he take a sonnet. #NYCpoetweet

Bought a new cell phone/ I didn’t like the last one/ It only made calls. #NYCpoetweet #Haiku #Poetry

The art deco crown of the Chrysler Building/ bends to exchange intimacies/ with Grand Central’s eagle/ state secrets #NYCpoetweet

Poetweets that the city receives by the end of the submission period on April 8 might make it into the pages on Metro New York on Poem in Your Pocket Day (#pocketpoem), April 18. Look out for some stellar 140-character poems later this month.

Click here to read more about the #NYC Poetweet poetry contest.

Feel like composing but aren’t up to tweeting? Add your poetweet in the comments box below to share it with the Senior Planet community. 


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