Linky Sunday: 5 Top Seniors of 2012, Third Acts, Big Facebook News, Plus…

It’s Linky Sunday. Put on the coffee and prepare your cursor :)

A quick look at the past week’s news from across the web:

  • DisplayMediaOn the social media front: Facebook introduced what some say is a next-generation search engine called Graph Search. Unlike Google search, it lets you look for, say, restaurants in New York that your Facebook friends or friends of friends have liked, films they’ve seen, or who among them has been to a vacation destination you’re considering. That’s a very basic explanation; learn more, including how you can be among the first to try it and how it might affect your privacy, by clicking here.
  • Bye-bye 401(K)s. A growing share of American workers are tapping their retirement savings accounts for non-retirement needs. More than one in four American workers with 401(k) and other retirement savings accounts use them to pay current expenses, according a review of new data by the Washington Post, as policymakers eye cuts to Social Security payments and Medicare. Click here to read more.
  • Too young to quit work, too old to land another job? The New York Times business section talked to a few older people who lost their jobs and jumped into successful third-act careers – including one woman who relocated to Pakistan for a new opportunity. Click here to read “Over 50, and No Illusions.”
  • usb_bento_warmer(Forward to your favorite geek.) Mashable featured an insulated lunchbag that keeps your food warm by plugging into the USB port on your computer. Take a look at the USB Bento Warmer by clicking here.
  • 5 things centenarians share. U.S. News & World Report published a survey of what people who live to 100 – a group that in 30 years has grown at twice the rate of the overall population – have in common. Here’s three: They’re mostly female (in 2010, 82.2 percent of centenarians were women); they’re city-dwellers (85.7 percent lived in urban areas); and they’re based in the Northeast or Midwest (experts put this down to higher education, access to medical care and exercise). Take a look at all five things centenarians share by clicking here.
  • grandfather-model-tn5 Top seniors of 2012? Canadian TV talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos named his 5 favorite seniors of 2012 – the ones who help us see aging in a new light. Who are they? Our own favorite, the Chinese granddad who modeled his granddaughter’s fashion designs (to read Senior Planet’s “Granddad With Good Legs Starts Modeling Career,” click here); the world’s oldest gymnast, 68-year-old Johanna Quaas; 72-year-old Arthur Reid, who’s been ordering his daily pint at the same pub since 1940 (insert quizzical look here); Clint Eastwood, for his empty chair speech at the RNC that according to “Strombo” overshadowed Romney’s acceptance speech; and the world’s poorest president, 78-year-old Jose Mujica of Uruguay, who gives away most of his modest salary to poor people. Click here to read more about why Stroumboulopoulos picked these five.

Who would you pick for your top five seniors of 2012 – or which of Strombo’s five would you NOT pick. Have your say in the comments box below.


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