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File Under Heartwarming: Photo of Senior Couple Goes Viral

While interest skyrocketed last week in the Academy-nominated film “Amour,” about the fierce devotion that the aging protagonist shows for his dying wife, a photo of another devoted senior was going viral across the web.

The photo shows an older man and his girlfriend; he is helping her to relearn how to read at Starbucks. The photo was taken by a Starbucks customer who got caught up in the beauty of the moment, snapped the picture and posted it to Facebook with the couple’s story.


The story reads:

“Meet Linda and John. As my friends Alexandra, Stephanie and I were sitting at Starbucks, we noticed this elderly couple. John put flashcards in front of Linda trying to help her remember what she had forgotten. My friends and I were overwhelmed by the love that these two had for each other and I knew I wanted to let them know how much of an inspiration and a perfect example of true love they were to me. John got up to use the restroom before they left and Linda kept on her studying at the table. “A.. B… C… D… E… F… G…” Linda recited the first 19 letters of the Alphabet perfectly… “Q… R… S… ” and as she paused to think of that next letter I saw my opportunity. “T!” I shouted. She looked up at me with the biggest smile and says… “T! You are so sweet! I love you! You see, I’ve lost my memory and I’m trying to get it back!” We told her how great she was doing and as john returned we continued our convo. Right before they left, Linda exclaimed, “I love you. I just love you all! God Bless You!” This is definitely a moment I will remember forever- John’s unwavering love, patience and understanding for the woman he chose to give his life to. Linda’s endless positive attitude, eagerness to (re)learn and mostly her uninhibited joy in expressing love to other. You may be losing your memory, Linda, but the love that you and John have for each other will never be lost. Thank you for your beautiful example, Linda and John! ♥”

Learn more about the route by which the photo went viral in a report on the Huffington Post


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