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Awkward Family Photos

Here is the winning picture in this year’s Awkward Family Photos holiday contest:


The kid in the front with the scowling face  – now a grown-up – submitted it to; apparently as a child, she didn’t much like Christmas at Grandma’s.

Here’s another of the site’s contenders for most awkward holiday photo:


Awkward Family Photos started about four years ago as a blog when one of the site’s founders spotted a family picture hanging over his parent’s mantle.  He figured there must be plenty of other people out there with laugh-out-loud awkward family photos – and there are. Today, the blog has become a favorite destination for people to submit photos or just browse, and its Christmas edition, with its bad sweaters, scary Santas and sullen teens, is its crowning glory.


The site’s main audience is Gen-Xers with 70s nostalgia – but there’s plenty of opportunity here for seniors with personal collections of awkward photos. If you want to embarrass an offspring and you have a photo like this


or this


or an old picture of you and your honey


go for it.

The site doesn’t publish all submitted photos, but you stand a pretty good chance if you have some old doozies that you can scan or have scanned. If you end up on Awkward Family Photos, be sure to post a link to in the comments box below!



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