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Linky Sunday: Granny Pods, Retirement Havens and a Job for 80-Year-Olds

It’s Linky Sunday: Put on the coffee and prepare your cursor :)

Thanksgiving made last week a relatively quiet one on the news front, but we’ve got some goodies nevertheless. Read on:

The world’s first 3-D photo booth is on the market in Japan. The process, which uses a 3-D printer, is cumbersome and expensive—but take a look at the tiny, hyperreal figures it produces and we think you’ll agree that this is the wave of the future. You can watch a video of the process by clicking here.

What are the best foreign retirement havens right now? Forbes has just published its top 15 for 2012, including post-bust Ireland and Spain’s Costa del Sol, and more far-flung places like Belize and Singapore, which ranks highest in Asia on Mercer’s worldwide quality of living rankings. See all 15 by clicking here.

Inventiveness on the home front: the “Granny Pod.” It’s one of several new ideas in elder living—this one back garden-based and very techy. Last week the Washington Post covered Virgina’s ordinance that lets families supercede local zoning laws on doctors’ orders and plop a prefab pod in the yard. Click here to read more on the Granny Pod.

These 5 anti-fraud tips  might not seem so new to you, but hearing them from the mouth of mega-fraudster-turned-fraud fighter Frank Abagnale Jr  made us listen a little harder. Click here to read them all.

What type of job could you still do at 80? We just stumbled on a November New York Times “Your Money” column that seems to be suggesting we all transition to casino work. Commenters adding their two cents mention editing, psychotherapy and a few other age-resistant professions. Click here to read the discussion, and then share your thoughts about longterm employment in the comments box below.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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