Linky Sunday: Reverse Mortgages, Retirement Spots, and More

Welcome to Linky Sunday. Put on the coffee and prepare your cursor. It’s time to click.

Last week, California became the largest state to legalize driverless cars. Google is just one company that’s hard at work developing new technologies that could keep you in the driver’s seat long after your road safety date has expired. Read more by clicking here—and stay tuned for a new generation of old-driver jokes.

Also last week, Michael Hodin asked why the presidential candidates are ignoring the economics of an aging population.

Want to retire in style and comfort and NOT in Florida? Here are two places where you might be able to do that on your social security check alone. You’ll just have to say adios to the U.S.A. Curious where they are? Click to take a look.

In last week’s business news, the New York Times takes an expansive look at the pitfalls of reverse mortgages for seniors and likens the explosive growth of this industry to the mortgage boom that led to our national bust.

Smart Money asks if seniors should bother paying off debts. Guess what their answer is. (Then click to see if you’re right.)

And “Savvy Senior” lays out your vaccination options for the cold and flu season, and what Medicare will cover. Read  on.

If you’ve read something interesting online, share the link in the comments box below. Happy Sunday!



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