Linky Sunday: Save on Meds, a UN Report on Aging, and More

Put on the coffee and prepare your cursor – it’s Linky Sunday :)  

The UN issued a warning to governments worldwide in the form of a new report, Ageing in the 21st Century: A Celebration and a Challenge. Among the recommendations: improved healthcare,  guaranteed rights and a model that makes over-60s “value creators and growth drivers.” Yes! Read about the report here.

Scientific American reports on new research that shows open-mindedness can keep you healthier for longer by promoting creativity.

Can’t get your ass to the gym? A study just published says supplementing with Omega-3 can help overweight, sedentary older folks reduce the oxidative stress and inflammation that cause disease. Read more. If you’re worried about mercury, click here.

The annual plan enrollment period for Medicare Part D starts today and runs through December 7. Rates will go up. Reuters has your back with some money-saving tips.

A new website does more than pull up the best price for that computer, tablet, camera etc. you’re thinking of buying. It tells you whether the price is likely to increase or decrease and emails you when your desired tech thingy falls within your range. They’re calling it

If you’re an art-loving smartphone owner, check out this new app that feeds you a new painting every day and lets you zoom in, get some info and share it with friends via email or Facebook. DailyArt.

No more customer service phone trees – yay. Now, whatever your question – contest a bill, return an order, find opening hours – TalkTo will text it to the business and you’ll get an answer by SMS or email within a few minutes. Try it. We did, and it worked for us.


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