In the Blogosphere: Bring On the Shadows

“For women of any age, the integrity of the hair should always look beautiful. It should look shiny, healthy and young. When women over 40 wear longer hair, keeping it off the face is important because it casts shadows on the face, which can make you look older,” explains Anthony Cole, international Sebastian artist.

I read the above quote in an article, “Too old to wear braids?” on Style Goes Strong. I guess I go there because I’m not pissed off enough already and need something to push me over the edge. The headlines alone can make me go all Linda Blair. But I look anyway. It’s just like when I complain to my husband that the new Abby gives really dumb advice, and he says, “Why do you read it?” I don’t know. I am accustomed to agitation.

We’ll skip over the part about hair having integrity. That hurts my head (I went to a state college). The quote mostly annoys me because women are trying to figure out how to age and look good, but the beauty industry translates that into a constant pounding that everyone has to look young. Good and young are very different concepts. The older I get, the less I even want to try and reach back and have a grab at young. I’m over it. I would rather press onward and redefine what good looks like.

And I’m seriously not scared of a few shadows making me look older. Hair up, hair down, in my face or in a braid. Bring it on. To quote Charles Dickens, “There are dark shadows on the Earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.”

Donna Pekar’s blog Rock the Silver is a writer’s personal perspective about life, aging and cool gray hair. A cancer survivor and Army veteran, Donna works as a communications professional for a Fortune 100 company.


One response to “In the Blogosphere: Bring On the Shadows

  1. I’ve had strands of silvery-gray hair since childhood. I think that might make me less uncomfortable about rocking my silver as I grow older. I hate that people always need to point it out though, or ask me why I don’t dye my hair. Why would I?

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