Toolbar: When the Ginko Fails, Try This

It seems as if the harder we try to remember something, the harder it is to dredge it up. But just because some annoying decrease in neurogenesis is challenging our short-term and episodic memory, doesn’t mean we have to stop trying.

Whether you’re attempting to commit names to the hard drive in your brain, learn foreign phrases before you head on vacation, or memorize facts for a test, Memstash can help. A free web-based reminder system that we read about on Lifehacker, it’s based on the principle of Spaced Learning, and it seems to work.

According to Wikipedia, Spaced Learning is a technique “that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.” In other words, if someone—or something—reminds you today, tomorrow and a few days later how to say “where’s the bathroom” in Tajik, you’ll probably remember.  (“Ho-jat-kho-na kani?”)

How does it work? Memstash lets you drag a free bookmarklet into your browser toolbar. Then, every time you see something online that you want to remember, you highlight it with your cursor and click the “stash this” bookmarklet. Or you can simply type information directly into Memstash. Then ten minutes, 24 hours and seven days later, you’ll get emails with the memo you created, along with a link to the source, if applicable.

Try it and share your experience in the comments box below. (Stash that!)

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