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Research: Red Wine May Extend Life by Curbing the Appetite

Great news if you’re a wine loving honeybee – or maybe even a feast-inclined human being. New research shows that while resveratrol – a chemical compound found in red wine – does not have anti-oxidant properties, it might moderates our gluttonous tendencies. And that, in turn, could lead to a healthier, longer life for us, just as it does for those other social diners, bees, whose lifespans were extended by 33% to 38% in the new study.

Scientists from Arizona State University, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Harvard Medical School were surprised to discover that resveratrol doesn’t actually have free-radical fighting properties it’s been credited with after previous research found that it extends the life of fruit flies and mice. So they decided to do another test:

“The bees were allowed to eat as much as they pleased and were certainly not starving — they simply would not gorge on the food that we know they like. It’s possible resveratrol may be working by some mechanism that is related to caloric restriction — a dietary regimen long-known to extend lifespan in diverse organisms.” —Amdam Rascon, Researcher

The takeaway? Go ahead and down that glass of red with dinner; maybe you’ll eat only what you really need to rather than OD on calories as we Americans typically do. But if you really want to benefit from the influence of resveratrol on our feelings about the foods we love, you’ll probably have to take the concentrated form. More research is in the works – stay tuned!

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