2015 Senior Planet Courses will be offered on the following schedule:

  • Winter Quarter January 12 – March 20
  • Spring Quarter April 6 – June 12
  • Summer Quarter July 6 – September 11
  • Fall Quarter October 5 – December 11

This quarter, registration for all non-basic level courses will take place online for members of the Senior Planet Exploration Center. Our course schedule is listed here.

Click here to access the webform application for courses or email to receive the form after reviewing the courses and deciding which one you would like to attend.

Notifications for course placement will be given January 6th via email.

If you do not use email or a computer:

If you are a new computer user or don’t know how to use email, come in person to Senior Planet on January 7 between 10am and 4pm to meet with a Senior Planet staff member or volunteer and apply to sign up for a Computer Basics Course. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate phone registration. Spaces will be offered until the basics courses are filled. (NOTE: Spaces in these are prioritized for new Senior Planet members or those that have not yet taken a course with OATS before)

If you have any questions, you can call Senior Planet between 9am and 4pm through December 19 and beginning January 5 or email us at

 Before applying online…

-You must be a member of Senior Planet. Applications submitted from non-members will not be considered. Please visit the Senior Planet Exploration Center to fill out a membership form in person during our normal business hours (9am-4pm Monday through Friday. NOTE: Senior Planet will be closed for the holidays from December 20th, 2014- and will reopen January 5, 2015)

-Ensure you are available to attend the first week of classes. Please do not apply for a space if you cannot. If you fail to attend the first day of class we will give your spot to the next person on the waitlist. (NOTE: Monday/Wednesday classes begin January 12, Tuesday/Thursday classes begin January 13, and Friday classes begin Friday January 16)

-Ensure you will be able to attend the entire course. (10 week courses will start the week of January 12 and meet through the week of March 16, 2015, 5 week courses will start the week of January 12 and meet through the week of February 9, 2015) Review our current courses page for Winter Quarter 2015 to determine which course meeting times you would be able to commit to for 10 or 5 weeks.

-Ensure that you understand what the course you are applying for will cover. Review the course descriptions page and if you have questions please ask a Senior Planet staff member or volunteer.

-Online registration forms completed before December 20th will be given priority. After that, we will continue to enroll people in courses until they are filled. If you need help, call us or come to Senior Planet and ask to work with a staff member or volunteer between 9am – 4pm through December 19th and beginning January 5th.

In order to apply for non-basics courses for Winter Quarter 2015 at Senior Planet, please follow the steps below.

1. Review our course descriptions page to determine which courses you are interested in.

2. Review our current courses page for Winter Quarter 2015 to determine which course meeting times you would be able to commit to for 10 or 5 weeks. Take note of two specific courses and times you would be interested in.

3. Send an email to to request an application via email. You will receive an email response with a link to a web application.  Or Click here to access the webform application

4. You will fill out a form online to choose your course.  Please be sure to check your entries for accuracy.

5. The early online application process will close December 19 at 12pm. Notifications for course placement will be given on January 6 so be sure to check your email on that day. We will ask you to respond to confirm your intent to take the course for which you applied. If you do not respond we will offer your place to the next person on the wait-list. (NOTE: If you receive notification that you are on the wait-list, please check your email January 8 to see if a space has opened up for you.)

6. If we are able to offer you a seat and you confirm with us, be sure to show up on the first day so that we can finalize your place in the class. If you have any questions, call us at 646-590-0615 before January 12th.

 Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t use email but I still want to take a course other than Basics

The ability to use email and basic computer knowledge is a prerequisite for all courses. If you need help getting more comfortable with email but do not want to take a Basics course please come January 7 to sign up for an email workshop. That way you will be ready to take on a more advanced course next quarter!

What if I don’t have access to my email at home?

If you do not have email at home you may go to the public library or check your email at Senior Planet.

Why can’t I miss the first week of classes?

When members fail to show up for the first class it makes it difficult for us to know who actually plans on attending and complicates the registration notification process for those on the wait-list.

Why does it matter how many classes I miss?

Because we have more people that want to take a class than spaces available, it is unfair for us to have people take a space from someone else who would attend the full class. It also slows down the learning of other class participants and may have a negative impact on our funding.

How do you decide who gets placed in a course?

We prioritize selection based on a variety of factors. We make an effort to balance prioritizing new members who have yet to have the opportunity to take a class with members who have consistently come to classes at Senior Planet and are seeking to expand their knowledge. We restrict members from repeating classes or from registering for a course if they have had attendance issues in the past and make an effort to prioritize members who were wait-listed in the most recent quarter. Once we have evaluated these factors, registration selection is based on a random lottery.

Why don’t you just register people on a first come first served basis for all classes or allow people to pay for priority registration?

Not all of our members have equal access to a computer or transit options and our limited staff is unable to accommodate the number of people interested in registering in one day. Our goal as a nonprofit program is to provide equal chance of access to our programming to all New Yorkers over 60 regardless of income or ability.

What if I applied and I don’t get an email on January 6?

If you have not received an email, you may email beginning on January 7 to follow up. You should receive a reply on January 8 indicating whether or not you are placed in a class.



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