Senior Planet Centers

A project of OATS, Senior Planet’s centers for people 60 and up are devoted to harnessing the power of technology to change the way we age – with attitude!

Currently in New York City and New York State’s North Country, Senior Planet combines flagship Exploration Centers in two locations—Manhattan and Plattsburgh—with satellite labs in surrounding areas.

Our Exploration Centers represent our founding members’ vision for a new type of community space where older adults and people of all ages can come together to find ways to learn, work create and thrive in today’s digital age. In our labs, seniors can access computer technology and broadband connections, along with classes.

Senior Planet’s centers represent community centers of the future in which we expand our ambition for what it means to grow older, develop digital skills that seniors need to remain relevant in the workplace, access tools for managing our health, and follow new avenues for lifelong learning and contributing to the wider community.