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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekly: "TED Talk Tuesdays"

TED.com is a popular website that archives what are known as "TED Talks" - short, powerful videos of live talks that cover just about every topic imaginable in more than 100 languages. They range from how-tos in technology to inspirational talks about the intersections of culture, Read More

Great Outdoors: Hallett Nature Sanctuary

The Hallett Nature Sanctuary is generally closed to the public except for private tours, but on Tuesdays for the rest of the fall, you'll be given a rare opportunity to visit the Central Park sanctuary and explore at your leisure. It's a perfect place to take in Read More

Learn: "Citizen Cartography, Building A Virtual Atlas of New York"

Last year the library embarked on an ambitious interactive project designed to turn laypeople who might be geography or map enthusiasts into citizen cartographers. This means using the tools at maps.nypl.org for several tasks, among them overlaying digital images of historic maps onto a contemporary digital Read More

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Conversation: Brooke Gladstone and Kronos Quartet's David Harrington

NPR host Brooke Gladstone sits down with David Harrington (pictured), the violinist who 40 years ago began revitalizing the classical music scene when he founded the maverick Kronos Quartet. The string ensemble has not only been instrumental in championing 20th-century classical music, but also in assuring Read More

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Art: "From The Margins, Lee Krasner and Norman Lewis, 1945-1952"

The pairing of work by two Abstract Expressionists - a woman and an African-American - raises the question of why each artist had to endure outsider status in the mid-20th-century art world. Lee Krasner and Norman Lewis have now been given their due; and this exhibition reveals Read More

Film: "Godzilla"

Director Gareth Edwards' suspenseful and surprisingly well written update of the monster film stars Bryan Cranston, who showed off a different type of menace as the lead in the TV series "Breaking Bad." It's the latest entry in Kips Bay Library’s "New Releases" series, which screens Read More

Friday, October 24, 2014

Screening: "Toni and Rosi"

A family that plays together has a good chance of staying together. The one-hour documentary "Toni and Rosi" tells the story of sisters Toni and Rosi Grunschlag, who've spent their lives (over eight decades now) performing music together. Their skills enabled them to escape the Nazis Read More

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last Chance: "The Amazing Maize Maze"

What's that you say? A three-acre corn field turned into a labyrinth? In NYC? Yes, yes and yes. Soon it'll be harvest time at the Queens County Farm Museum, and the farmers have gotten creative with the corn growing on three of its sprawling 47 Read More

Film: "Inside Llewyn Davis"

The year is 1961, and folk singer-songwriter Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is at a crossroads as he bounces between a fed-up woman, the Greenwich Village music scene, various studios and record labels. Is he gonna make it? In the Coen Brothers new period film, based Read More

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Theater: "Tempest"

Seasoned actor Reg E. Cathey (pictured) stars as Prospero in this new adaptation of the Shakespeare play about exile, revenge and magic. You might have seen him recently on TV shows like "The Wire", "Law & Order" and "House Of Cards", but Cathey is an Read More

Monday, October 27, 2014

Great Outdoors: Metropolitan Museum Roof Garden Commission

Each year the Met hands over its rooftop space to a different artist to design an open-air spectacle suitable for chilling out in. This year, Dan Graham and Swiss landscape artist Gunther Vogt have outdone themselves and many of their predecessors, creating a space that Read More

Talk: "This Chair Rocks" by Ashton Applewhite

The vast majority of older Americans live independently and enjoy their lives. So why is our view of late life so bleak? One answer is ageism, a topic that journalist Ashton Applewhite explores on her popular blog This Chair Rocks. This talk, subtitled "How Ageism Warps Our Read More

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